Baby flower crown

It’s my daughters first birthday in a few weeks and we are having a little party for her with some friends and family. For fun I decided to have it subtlely themed, Elsa Beskows “The flowers festival” and ” Peter in blueberry land”. These books in particular seemed appropriate for an August baby. I won’t be doing any over the top decorating, because at the end of the day it’s a first birthday, but I wanted to give it a few little details.

For the kids party hats I decided to buy some blue and white polka dot cone hats to represent blueberries and I made a few floral crowns for the girls that they can take home in their gift bags.

For the supplies I went to Joann fabrics and stuck with three colors for my flowers and greenery, white, pink and green and a couple of blue berries; some thin jute rope, a glue gun and some green floral tape.

I measured my daughters head and added a few inches so I could tie it. I started with greenery for my base which I taped in a few spots then glued down to my jute. From there I added the flowers one layer at a time. I made sure each was unique, as each of the girls are.


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