Round Mirrors

The living room in on our little house is small, and as we are in the process of trying to sell it I’ve been thinking about what we could do to make it feel larger. When we bought the house the living room was sponge painted orange, yes you read that right, and the first thing I did was paint it a neutral color. I painted three coats of distant grey by Benjamin Moore, swapped out the black curtain rods for white, added white curtains, and changed out the old orange and brass wall sconce for a white and nickel one. 

There is a fireplace in the space which we currently have a painting above and tons candle holders, because give me all the soft light. I would love to move the painting to a new location and add a simple round mirror to open up the living room. creating the illusion that the space is larger. One of the first briefs I wrote as a buyer was for a round mirror, something that was missing from our assortment and it’s been a love affair ever since.



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