Games, toys and decor for the little design enthusiast

It’s never too early to share your interests with your kids, because it could be theirs too. Before my 3 year old was even old enough to hold a color card I had purchased Pantone flashcards and Herman Miller memory cards. As he has gotten older I’ve noticed him noticing the changes we make in the house, or a new design piece we bring home before I even mention it to him. If he is into design like his mama it’ll be a really fun thing he and I can do together, and if it’s just temporary that’s totally cool too.

Here are just a few of the many games and toys for the little design enthusiast.


  1. Maharam Memory Cards 2.Alphabet Blocks 3.Tapikids Platmat 4.Matryoshka Animals 2   5.Pantone Flashcards 6.Full Lune Mobile 7.Photo Letting Blocks






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