The products I use to reduce my footprint

In honor of Earth day this year I thought I’d mention some of the products I use to reduce my footprint. I have been using these cloth diapers with both kids as soon as they were about 4 weeks and could fit, and it’s been such a great move both financially and environmentally. I cook and bake daily and when I’m out of Tupperware, or I’ve only used half an avocado I use my Bee Eco wraps , it’s reduced my use of saran wrap and aluminum foil to almost nothing. Along the same lines, in order to reduce how much parchment paper and Aluminum foil I use in the oven or  for rolling out dough I use silicone baking mats.

At the grocery store along with using my own bags to carry groceries I also now use mesh bags for my produce. It feels great leaving the store with zero added plastic.

For clothes, although I make most of our knits, I do buy a lot of stuff for them at second hand stores. I happily take hand me downs and I also hand down all of my kids stuff to friends, because lets be honest baby stuff is hardly used.

These things might be small, but if we each make small changes in how we live it will make a big impact on the earth for our kids and their kids.


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