Kitchen phase two renovation reveal

It’s been a busy few months with updating the kitchen, listing the house and solo parenting two, three and under Monday to Friday, but here are the pictures at last. The work is done and now we can enjoy our beautiful kitchen’s mini facelift. With the budget we had to work with we had to decide what work we could do ourselves and what we needed to bring the professionals in for as well as what updates would have to wait (new cabinets, new countertop). We decided to paint the cabinets ourselves (myself) and have a contractor handle adding another light and tile work.

We purchased a new dishwasher and microwave to keep all appliances consistent in make, model and finish. The original microwave was way too low, leaving only about 13″ from the stove to the base of the microwave, so I asked my husband to move the entire cabinet up about 8″ before adding the new microwave. It has seriously opened up the space and it is no more difficult to access the cabinet at a higher height.

There was a three week break between the tile work and a few last details which meant I had more time to think about any other small things we could have the contractor do. This kitchen has lacked storage space since the beginning, and as someone who loves to cook and bake that’s an issue. We added the open shelving the first week we moved in, but the pantry situation is a joke. I looked all over the place for a ready made pantry that would fit the space between the current spice pantry and the fridge and found the exact measurements we needed at Ikea. We’ve attached it to the wall and built a base as well as doing some work to the side to make it look built in and it has freed up so much space. We also added some beautiful handles that I ordered from Rejuvenation.

The other last detail I decided was worth the money was to install a new faucet. The current one has been leaky since day 1 and is pretty outdated. We found one by Kohler at Home depot and our contractor installed it in less than 10 minutes, something that I am sure would have taken us hours.

All the products we used are in the previous kitchen post, but if there are any other products you would like the resource before, please message me







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