Creating the perfect craft space

When we moved into our house almost 2 years ago I imagined turning our sunroom into my craft room/kids playroom. The idea was great in theory as it is bright and open, however you can only be in there from about May to October as it’s not very well insulated, and there is no heat. We will be renting out of our house and moving late spring/early summer and I would love to find a home with an extra bedroom that I could turn into my craft space.

A few things I’d love to have in it to get organized.

A place to store my fabric, because there is no more room in my yarn cabinet.

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A system for all of my knitting needles, extra thread, bobbins, ect. which are currently in one messy basket together. It’s impossible to find the needle size I need when I need it, and I’ve bought the same size needles that I already own multiple times over the years, because of this.

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A large working surface for my sewing machine that isn’t the dining room table.

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And some inspirational craft rooms

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