Storage window bench DIY

There’s this alcove in our bedroom that has been a pretty big waste of space for us since we moved in. Our house was built in 1916, and 100 years ago people had a lot less stuff and didn’t need the same storage/closet space that we do today. The closets in our bedroom are pretty small and stuffed to the brim. We have talked about how to utilize this space for almost 2 years now and of course as we prepare to rent it out, we figured out a way to make it functional.

I recently saw this tutorial on Wit and Delight and decided this would be the perfect solution for our little alcove.

The products I bought for this project were

  1.  Two 36″ Ikea Kitchen cabinets
  2. Staple gun
  3. See Wit and Delight tutorial for wood and how to make the base frame
  4. Foam for seat cushion
  5. Batting to wrap foam
  6. Fabric
  7. Drawer hardware

I had never used a staple gun before or upholstered anything, but it turns out it is actually really simple, do not be intimidated.

Im really happy with how it turned out, and hope it adds enough extra storage for our tenants as well as a nice spot to sit in our bright bedroom. If we weren’t moving I would have picked up some pillows for this as well. This area has more potential down the road if the next home owners want to add another wall sconce or more wall shelving.

Our phase 2 kitchen update coming soon, just finishing one last project.


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