Living room rugs

A friend recently asked me to help her pick out a new rug for their living room and of course I was happy to help. I was a rug buyer for a high end modern furniture company for a period a few years ago, and was excited to see what options were out there with the same style, but on a budget.

Once we figured out the budget we looked at size and colors. Her living room is muted with a grey sofa and love seat and reclaimed wood coffee table, subtle artwork. Here is a shot of her space from an Iphone.


I wanted to give her options with colors pulled from the artwork on the wall as well as some muted options. Looking forward to seeing what she chooses as a rug can absolutely finish a room, pull it together.

  1. Winnie Rug 2. Game Time Rug   3. From the Ferry Rug 4. Radiating Ovals Rug 5. Kira Rug 6. Kashkuli Gabbeh Rug 7. Lotus Mod Copper Rug

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