Book storage for toddlers

Over the past three years what started off as a handful of books that could fit in a little basket has grown into a collection of books that overflowed out of several baskets. We love our nap time and bedtime ritual’s of pulling out a few stories, which at this point he “reads” to us, but it became difficult to find certain books in the pile.

Last year we purchased the “Trofast” system from Ikea , which made it easier for him to find his toys and it was time to do the same for his books. Although we do not have a Montessori friendly child home I do love some of their beliefs, such as their shelving concepts for children. We ended up buying this bookcase for him from wayfair, and I think it’s just the right size for him and his books. Here are a few other ones we looked at.

  1. Vintage Danish Teak Bookcase 2. Hampshire White Bookcase 3. Birch 2 Shelf Storage Cabinet 4. Charlie Bookcase 5. Stacked Shelving

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