Bread boxes for the modern kitchen

Bread baking much like pie crust has always been pretty intimidating to me. I consider myself to be a pretty good baker, with the occasional total disaster, but when it comes to making a starter and my own bread it’s so scientific it makes me nervous. For Christmas I was gifted “Artisan Sourdough Made Simple” By Emilie Raffa and decided that 2018 would be the year that I finally got over this fear and got to baking. I made my first starter during the first week of January and though it failed the float test after 8 days I decided to bake a loaf anyways. My first loaf didn’t rise much, was super dense, but the flavor was perfect. My second had the same outcome, but my third after trial and error and a little Rye flour came out perfect.

I grew up with breadboxes and baskets, but as an adult never thought to have one for my own home. I bake a few times a week, making things from quick breads to cookies, and thought it was time to get some pretty storage for them on the counter that would, also extend their longevity. I ordered this one by Wesco in white, but here are some others that are both functional and beautiful.

  1. Vipp Bread Box 2. Iris Hantverk Bread Box 3. Wesco Bread Box 4. Stelton Bread Basket 5. Williams Sonoma Marble Bread Box



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