Winter is here and I can’t stop knitting

I think it’s safe to say that I am a knitting addict. There is something both rewarding and totally therapeutic about taking a ball of yarn and turning it into something  you can wear. I learnt how to knit from my mother when I was 10, but wasn’t all that interested in it at that age; or maybe I just didn’t have the patience yet.

I picked it back up in my late 20’s during my 3 hour round trip commute to work everyday and haven’t put my needles down since. With two littles many of the pieces I make are for them, with just a few for me. Here are some of the pieces I’ve made or am working on this winter, not including my own patterns for my little etsy shop.  Photos and links for the patterns below. What’s on your needles?

  1. Olives Chunky Lace 2. Mums Ruffle Sweater   3.  Popcorn Vest 4. Iris Pullover   5. The Mini Leopard

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